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Re: Roller Polespear worth it?

Originally Posted by isibrigade View Post
Is yours a roller? With all the roller designs I've seen, 'letting the whole thing go' isn't an option because there is a tether around your hand.
No, it is not a roller, but if you hang onto the rubber on my polespear it hurls forwards until the rubber starts to restretch. With the roller spear the rubber retracts and shortens your reach by gathering some of the rubber back into the polespear before it stretches again at the end of travel, so your reach is shortened by that much. On the original rollerspear the piece that you hold onto is a sort of hook and to let the rollerspear travel you have to let it go once the band starts to pull. Naturally you still need to control the spear with another line which could be attached to that hook. Once my buddy smacked a big yellowtail and before he could stop it the fish took off with the polespear hanging out of its side like a CB antenna. We spent some time searching for it but the fish had enough horsepower to escape at full throttle, but turning in a big circle and probably succumbed miles away. We never saw that polespear again which was tough because it was brand new.
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