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Re: Anyone from Panama or familiar with spearfishing there?

Are you looking for a charter? Contact Arnaud Dufossez (Adzhoo on this forum). He lives in Panama and runs a charter operation. Most knowledgeable guide in Panama. He specialises in small groups to maximize your chances of shooting a tuna. This is to be able to chase dolphins and jump in/hop back efficiently. He also uses a low panga for the same reason.

The area you will be hunting is around Hannibal, from Jicarita to Montuosa. Only Hannibal is off and this is a very small area. The only reason we can't go anymore is interaction with line fishermen. I have been on Hannibal with my kayak. There was boats everywhere. Lines, floats, props, yelling.... you get the idea. I had more success (and more fun) going for the birds or dolphins anyway.

Arnaud's Facebook page:

Have fun!

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