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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Originally Posted by HappiSpear View Post
You expected a good trip and didn't get it, thats fair man its understandable why you would be upset. Your response to this guy is way over the top. In real life you're probably not a racist piece of shit, but here you sound like one
Oh crap, I never realized that the French constituted a race. At any rate, I don’t really even know the guy to be french- he may be Guatemalan, Nigerian, Cambodian or whatever. For what its worth, my apologies to the guy I implied was French for calling him “Frenchie” in any perceived derogatory form.
But for the record, I am not more or less racist that the average American and can be faulted for not being 100% politically correct sometimes!
What say you Bob, do you still have Popcorn?

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