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Re: St Maarten any info?

No clue about the permit. If needed it's the only law they follow. Serious lack of care about the laws if they even know what they are. Allan the po po (only police officer I've seen near the resort) thought we we're crazy ass Americans for getting in the ocean at night. In pretty sure after giving him 3 lobsters for him n his wife I could borrow his gun. Also no way i would have caught any if not for a spearpole. Suckers are fast as hell.

Here with great friends n fam (17 of us). Doesn't get much better. We are the party where ever we go. Sunset beach is a major trip. Closest you can legally be under landing jets or stand behind to get hammered by the jet wash. Sick shit n a must to freak watch. Yes I'm dumb/drunk enough to grab the fence when a 4 engine jets is taking off. Unreal experience for sure.

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