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Re: St Maarten any info?

Grrrr I barely get any internet over here...I had a couple paragraphs with pictures lined up to show you this amazing villa I'm staying at, but I keep on forgetting to copy it before posting it and it all gets erased..


Just did some diving by the local beach by us. Didn't see any fish worth shooting or any bugs. Really hoping to into a nice spot with some structure. At least just for the sight seeing.

Only ended up bringing my polespear, with a slip tip for bigger game and a flopper for bugs. I forgot my dive light though... -_-;

How did you meet up with the locals? Dive shops? If you went to a good one, let me know which one. I found a bunch but i hear some rip off the tourists.

We flew over that bar you spoke of and we hear its a must go. Hear of any other night life? It's my sisters birthday tonight and we are going to get rowdy. Let me know where your going to be and we can get drunk over some fish chat.

Enjoy the beautiful weather here dood!
Happy Hunting and Godspeed.
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