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Re: Beginner fins

Originally Posted by AndrewK View Post
Garas have a very soft footpocket almost like a low end snorkeling fin. While I have used them and liked them, I now own makos with the plastic medium blades and prefer their footpocket over the garas. Soft enough to be comfortable but not soft enough to lose energy in your kicks which Ive noticed with the gara fins.
How do you find the sizing? Being here in Barbados i can only try out the foot pockets for Beuchat Mundials so ordering fins online is a stab in the dark to some extent. I have heard the Gara's are very similar to the Beuchats in terms of sizing, how do the Mako's size up? I am very tempted for the fiberglass Mako's or even the plastic competition ones.

They do have some size guide on this page but i dont wear neoprene socks and am a size 9, i can only assume i should go for 8-9
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