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Re: Beginner fins

Originally Posted by AndrewK View Post
I ordered the size 10-11 and use 2mm socks with them. Havent had any issues with the sizing, they work for me with and without the socks and I have a pretty average foot. The nice thing about the makos is being able to change the blades - If you decide to go with the plastic blades first and then choose to upgrade to fiberglass blades you can save yourself some coin for starters. I prefer the plastic since I work on a dive boat and I can beat on them a little bit more then I would if I had fiberglass blades. I also bounce back and forth between shallow freediving and SCUBA and they work great for both applications.
And what size feet do you have? I have heard that fiberglass in most cases will be stronger than plastic fins. I was looking at either the fiberglass beuchat's or the gara 3000's
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