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Re: Bluefin Tuna worth a million plus!

Originally Posted by SEATUX View Post
Maybe my math is off, but I keep track or % of yield on grouper, aj, hog, etc. Figure 42% of gross weight for pure fillets ( no skin, bone, red meat etc) so lets say this tuna delivers 50%, that's about 300 lbs, at $1.8 mill that comes out to about $375/oz...kinda stiff!
What do you want to bet he serves over a thousand pounds of fish off that one purchase ( in all his stores combined).
It's all Hype.
I think you are right, the same guy paid 3.1 million last year for a slightly bigger one!

Just reading that article the answer lies here. "Kimura had held the record for top price paid for a single fish at the new year’s auction for six straight years until 2017. But last year, the owner of a different fish restaurant chain paid the highest price."
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