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Re: Right on red light ticket

Just had my day in court on Thursday. Didn't go well for me, out $564, plus traffic school. Out of 25 people, I think 7 got dismissed for the officer not showing up. Mine walked in with two minutes to spare. They went alphabetical, and the Judge was being pretty cool, everyone was guilty, but he was giving them a break on the fines. When it was almost my turn, the bailiff called me and one other guy to go upstairs to another courtroom to speed up the process, and you could tell the Judge in that room was an asshole the minute we walked in the door. He heard the officer, I told him it was yellow, he said go pay your fine, and that was that! I guess on the whole, it's a gamble, financially probably not worth missing two half days at work, but was interesting watching a few of the people there try to defend themselves/interrogate the cops. If you've got the time, give it a shot.
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