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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Originally Posted by Behslayer View Post
This thread is a bit Silly. I never been to Palapas Ventana or met Tim Hatler in person, but I've had 100 gun customers go down there to dive over the years and make some outstanding captures such as FAT 252# Yellowfin, 112# Wahoo, Huge Groupers, Marlin, etc..and I've never heard a bad thing. Maybe the diving was just off when you were there or the fish were deeper, or your timing didn't work out, I often go home empty handed when I'm being selective. It does suck that the engines weren't working well, but sometimes Engine shit happens. I've heard worse stories of engine problems in the history of Spearfishing adventures. Tim Hatler built Palapas as a Spearfishing Resort from scratch. He also runs some very productive Liveaboard trips in Mexico and Panama. He hasn't been in business for 20 years because he's a hack and doesn't show his customers a good time. I've never heard a bad report from either Palapas or Punta Mita from anyone I've spoken with and this includes a Lot of people who had a great time and shot a Heap of fish.
How does Tim go from 17 years in business to 20 in just a handful of posts (brownies points for you).

Never heard of anyone not having a great time at Palapas Ventana with no heap of fish? Well, now you have

Pass the popcorn Bob!

I live for days like these!

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