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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Never dove with PV personally but Iíve been a huge fan of their flashers. It absolutely blows my mind you didnít see any game fish. Like...itís almost impossible. This was a slow day.....

And as for the broken down pangas, Iíd say you got lucky. Iíve been in the nicest pangas. Iíve been in the shittiest. I had a panguero run a ground on a reef with no radio. Iíve been in a panga with fiberglass so thin you could see the water underneath. Iíve been in a top of the line panga that the engine stopped working. At the end of the day, yea you may not have a cooler full of fish, but you got to dive CERRALVO! Take the loss like everyone else has their whole lives and donít let it discourage you for next time.

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