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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Originally Posted by Kingspear View Post
I agree the TV complaint is's Baja.

That said, getting charged if you didn't get to dive because of weather or a boat breakdown is not fair business. Im not mad if an engine breaks down because I get it but dont charge me for a charter that didnt happen. You can't charge the client if they couldn't get in the water.
After reading all the posts, yours included, of people who visit Baja more regularly than I do, I guess not having a television in the rooms is not that uncommon.

We did go in the water, but the breakdowns contributed to our lack of success and were a frustration that should not have happened. Consider just how profitable the resort is and how nonsensical it is to run the operation so lean as to use engines that are less than reliable. All claims of daily upkeep and constant maintenance are nullified when two boats break down in a three day period. Our complaint is as a direct result of the operators being flat-out cheap. I would expect an operation that is that profitable to have new engines on their boats at least every three years. I work hard for my money and highly value my time off- I expect most folks are like minded so reviews like these are important in making an educated decision as to whether to go to a particular resort or pass on it.

So far through the thread, there are many people who have had a blast there and only a few that have not. This review of the resort should if anything help the place improve and maybe retire engines that are constantly running at the verge of breakdown.

I live for days like these!
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