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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Originally Posted by Twisted Trader View Post
For the last 5 years my buddies and I drive into Baja with my 22 ft boat. We initially stop at San Lucas Cove for 4 to 6 days of diving at San Marcos Island or venture to Island Tortuga. We typically scare up a few 20 lb Cabrilla, some 20 lb Yellowtail some Parrotfish and a small Gulf Grouper or two. We also sample the Chocolate clams. After that we head north for a few more days in Bahia De Los Angeles We always fill our freezer there and last year filled up a freezer at Daggetts also. This last year 4 of us did this trip and it cost us each $1,000. All gasoline, Food, Camp fees, Booze ( there was a lot of that) Mexican fishing license, car and boat insurance. We each got 50 lbs of filleted fish to take home. Yes that is 200 lbs of fillets total.
The boat never runs out of gas. No tips for piss poor Pangueros. No excuses.
I have posted our trip looking for others to come with us, but typically no one responds.
I can think of no reason that anyone would really want to join us on our adventure.
It really is too expensive and we really have no fun.
I would post pics, but everyone would think that they are photo shopped.

Would loooove to go on a trip like this. What time of year do ya usually go?
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