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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Originally Posted by saltierdog View Post
There are no two parts to what I'm trying to say and I'm not talking about getting out of crimes
I pay guides and charters $$ to above all to get me back home to my family as I said the coast guard isn't coming for you when you leave our boarders
If you plan to go down to mex and just rent a panga on your own just make sure you are diving within swimming distance of the shore and make sure the guy is a member in good standing in the local co-op. I've been to mex and central america countless times and wish I had outfitters like Tim in all the places I've been. I guess you just gotta experience being in helpless hopeless situations to appreciate some things in life like working safety equipment and VHF radio with a command station on the other end with back up boats ready to rescue you.
But I wouldn't wish any of that on you or anyone for that matter
Perspective and wisdom just come with old age but sometimes discussion boards can help
Good clarification. Moreover along those lines, I appreciate your Churchill quote which sums up why I posted this in the first place. The truth is that Palapa Ventana fell short of their promise to us and so, I posted about it.

I live for days like these!
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