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Re: Petition for a New Abalone Management Zone

..Can anyone elaborate on why this area should be separate from the other zones? Current scientific research shows 75 percent of the northern abalone population is gone. Starfish, natural feeders on urchins, have all died from shrinking disease... Millions of sea urchins, all the way up into Oregon, have decimated the kelp beds to the point of no return, thus, no food for the starving abalone remainders...Even the sea urchins are starving and going into hibernation mode, wherein; they can go for months without food...Not looking good with no viable way to remove the massive amounts of purple urchins, as they are too small for commercial use compared to red urchins and too big to allow the kelp beds to recover...
...It seems to me, that without an overall "Big Picture" management plan covering all areas, the north coast will soon have an extinct abalone population?
...A last ditch plan (probably not effective) is to pull the urchins, feed them in growout pens and market them once grown to commercial viable size..To me, it makes more sense to pull the abalone and save them first...

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