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Tournament Results

The Southwest Florida Open for 2010 is now over. While the weather was rough it did not deter some of the best shooters in Florida from competing. I canít remember a time when there were two 40lb cuberaís turned in and both were beat by a 73.6lb cubera. What a great display of fish. Thanks to everyone for making this a great tournament. Here are the results for largest fish.

Snapper Kevin Eaves (Shark Tales) 73.6
Grouper Jon Bailey ( 68.0
AJ Danny Jordan (Shark Tales) 54.8
Cobia Michael Freeman (To The Max) 35.9
Hogfish Charles Eaton (Shark Tales) 7.0
Sheepshead Alexander Uzaga ( 3.2

Here are the other top divers

Top Freediver
Michael Freeman (To The Max) 95.3 points

Top Female
Heather Breaux (Bottom Watcher) 13.7 points

Top Junior
Warren Hunt III (Rumbud) 41.8 points

Best Boat 90.1 points

Shooter ranking
Alexander Uzaga ( 124.5
Michael Freeman (To The Max) 95.3
Jon Bailey ( 86.3
Scott Wheeler (Shooters Ride) 82.6
Stephen Laquis (Panty Peeler) 79.5
William Smith (Shooters Ride) 72.3
Wayne Kelly (Shooters Ride) 72.3
Jeremiah Walter (Shooters Ride) 70.6
Aaron Savela (Bottom Watcher) 68.7
Charles Eaton (Shark Tales) 64.5
Chip Garber (Shark Tales) 63.9
Jay Macduff (Panty Peeler) 61.8
Joshua Montemayor ( 59.6
Forrest Galante (To The Max) 57.1
Steve Ronco (Panty Peeler) 55.7
Adam Schewitz (To The Max) 53.5
Louis DePasquale ( 52.7
Justine Moraine (This is it III) 49.6
Carl Pyatt (This is it III) 45.6
Frank McCallister (This is it III) 45.6
John Petracco (Panty Peeler) 45.1
Warren Hunt III (Rumbud) 41.8
Danny Jordan (Shark Tales) 40.6
Kevin Eaves (Shark Tales) 33
Branon Edwards (None) 26.2
Chester Smith (Bottom Watcher) 25
John Dickinson (Shark Tales) 19.8
Randy Docks (None) 15.9
Heather Breaux (Bottom Watcher) 13.7
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