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Re: Bringing fish back from the Bahamas

It's not a daily limit. It's a possession limit, so even if you stay in the Bahamas 10 days, you are only ever allowed to have 60lbs of bottom fish on your BOAT at any given time (i.e. no "stocking up"). It's super easy to hit 60 lbs. It's not 60 lbs per person, it's per boat...

Also, when you come back into US waters, you are restricted to US regulations. For example, you could not bring a nassau grouper or conch back in.

See the regulations that NANO posted? Print it out... Don't worry about what other rumors you hear. I think 80% of the people who think they know the regulations do not, so don't base your actions off of what you heard from someone else. The link above states the laws very clearly...
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