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Re: Project Boat Discussion: Tips, Ideas, Mistakes...

Originally Posted by CuzzA View Post
Thanks for the insight fellas. Sometimes it's good not to be first and fortunately there are a number of people with build threads that have gone through the trial and error process on this hull.

I realize this boat will not be a speed demon, but I'm more interested in a nice ride in while everyone else is getting pounded.

Weight is going to be a consideration, but given the fact the factory offered this hull in a heavy fiberglass flybridge option with twin v8 v drives in the belly, settees, sinks and cabinets, etc, I think I can keep her well under weight, especially by using Coosa and Nidacore, where appropriate.

Here's an interesting write up on weight regarding this hull.

I've also heard these hulls had a tendency to be light in the bow and would bounce a bit. Consequently, the solution was to add concrete or lead in the anchor locker.

If you like boat porn, here's an awesome B25 project build.

This one came out very nice and provides some inspiration. No fish box though. Maybe my design is too optimistic.
Just FYI, V drives sit aft like I/Os. Big difference from straight-shaft inboards. The Fuddies aren't trying to be wet blankets. Just sharing some experience/many trips on smaller berties. Enjoy your boat and best wishes.
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