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Re: Project Boat Discussion: Tips, Ideas, Mistakes...

Originally Posted by grey2112 View Post
James, I assume rear seating will be beanbags?

BTW - how do you think the hull will handle our wonderful short-wave period 1-3 foot chop?
Yes, bean bags. They're cheap and I couldn't make a more comfortable seat for the money. And we can move them the hell out of the way.

I think she'll cut through it like butter. I'm expecting her to turn "iffy" days into, "let's go!" At least that's what all my research suggests. Original deep vee, strong heavy hull. She'll probably suck and be tipsy in the drift or anchored, but we don't drift or anchor when diving so really overnight on anchor may be a little less than ideal, but that's part of the deal with boats, right. Gotta give something up to get something in return.
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