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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Caught On Camera: Terrifying 200-Car Pile-Up In Real Time

Don't know if anybody is interested in hearing from someone who has driven a whole lot of miles in conditions like that, and cut out some people and bodies when stuff went wrong. But here it is anyway;

It takes an unbelievably long time to stop on unsanded ice. If there is trouble in the road, and it's not a quarter mile in front of you, don't even bother tapping your brakes! It will do you no good whatever. It will, however rob you of the ability to steer. Anti-lock brakes help, in that they keep you pointed front-end first if you slam on the petal while you're traveling straight. But if you hit your brakes, you're still going to slide in whatever direction you were going to begin with. The brake petal on ice equals the "go straight ahead in whatever direction you were headed" petal.

You can, however, steer reasonably well on ice. Once. And gently. In other words, once you vear in one direction, you can't easily steer in the other without a lot of drift, and it will come on fast. The only good thing to do under circumstances like the above (presuming you weren't bright enough to get off the road in the first place) is to quickly, but gently steer well off the road. Good news is that you can probably stop in the ditch.

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