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Re: indo-pacific trip may 23-30

I used to live in Indonesia, so here is my understanding of the "gun ban", which has to be verified:

According to Indonesian Customs web-site

"Passengers or crew members can choose issuing import goods through:
a. RED CHANNEL, in terms of Passenger Carrying Imported Goods:
Form of narcotics, psychotropic drugs - drugs, firearms, airsoft guns , sharp weapons, ammunition, explosives, objects / pornographic publications."

Therefore spearguns should be asserted in the customs form and you should go through the red corridor "Jalur MERAH", present your guns for inspection and explain the purpose of the guns' temporary import, which is fishing.

Failure to declare or going with the gun straight through the GREEN Channel might lead to confiscation as "not declared" controlled item.

Again this is just my take on the issue which has to be verified.
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