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Re: DIY Float Line Help

The PVC float lines are a synch to make and take only about 10-15 minuets, but require someone else to help. You need a shop vac or a household to suck a strand of heavy duty or kevlar thread through. then you tie the mono/dyneema/spectra to it and pull that through. Then attach the lines with your fancy float line plugs that you ordered from Neptonics. The thread should take about 5-10 seconds to go through 100 feet of tubing. But you have to have the tubing very straight and i found that moving it around while pulling the cord through made it easier. You can pull the tubing to make it straighter as well while doing a few whipping motions. I made mine in about 20 minuets. But that included the break halfway to take a dump and drink a beer..
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