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Re: Roller gun bands

Originally Posted by Fox55 View Post
First and foremost pretension is not an absolute requirement some people like it some people don't and my gun does have pre tension. the measurement from the center of the rollers to my rear anchor on the bottom is 16 in my wishbones on the back of my rubbers I cut and tie at one inch my anchor at the back is three quarters of an inch wide then you have the measurement around your rollers from the bottom of the gun up to your top rail 2 and a quarter inches as I said I was giving simple measurements not technical if you want technical you need to talk to Tim man and use his mathematical chart good luck it's a little confusing. But again not Everyone likes a lot of pretension my gun has roughly 4 to 10 lb of pretension depending on what style of bands I use I just got back from the lake this weekend and my chest is currently black and blue more pretension more black and blue
Fully understood Fox55! I didn't take into consideration the diameter of the rollers or the thickness of the stock. My bad.

And yes, pretension is not a requirement.

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