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Re: My Dream Boat Build Thread 29 Freeman

This boat will be used for the following:
(1) Freediving
(2) Cruising with family, friends, kids, etc.
(3) Scuba diving
(4) Fishing - bottom, trolling, deep dropping, swordfishing.

The general layout works well for all of these, but will require some customization. Here are my initial thoughts for each:
(1) Freediving - I'm having the front insulated fish boxes lengthened to 6'-6" to accommodate long fish like wahoo. This will also allow me to use these boxes for storing gun bags which include tuna guns. I Love the fact we won't have to live with all the gun bags all over the deck anymore.

I plan to use these boxes for gear storage unless we get lucky enough to need a place for fish that won't fit in the 450 quart coffin box.

I plan to build custom gun racks for easy access to guns during the day.

Otherwise, I think the boat is pretty much perfect for freediving as is.

(2) Cruising and fishing with family, etc. The front coffin box will be padded, as will the front of the console. This makes for a great forward seat. Also, the coffin box works out well for bottom fishing since kids can sit on it while "manning" their rods which can stay in the side rod holders.

There is an Armstrong type dive ladder which fits to the stern between the engines. Plenty of room between the engines.

Not sure whether to get a front pad, or just use Pat's great E-Searider bean bags as forward seating/lounging options. I think I'll start with several of Pat's bags and see how it goes.

(3) Scuba - I'm thinking that I'll add some removable roll control brackets along the sides between the aft and forward hatches. Also, there is so much below deck storage, that I may have just enough roll control brackets for tanks that are rigged with bc, regs, etc. for use and leave the rest below deck.

I will not have a pass through transom door. I plan to just sit on the live well and swing my legs over the transom when boarding. Very minor inconvenience in my book.

(4) Fishing - I'll add a couple of electric reel outlets for deep dropping.
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