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California Spearfishing Talk here about spearfishing on California's Pacific Coast, and post those reports and photos!

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Solo diving

Everybody knows its safest to dive with a budy, and everybody knows that sometimes your buddies can have a hard time waking up early to go down in the morning. What are your guys thoughts on solo diving areas like PV. What are the biggest dangers you might face, and how to avoid them.
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Hector F.
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Re: Solo diving

Get new buddies
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Re: Solo diving

Originally Posted by SouthBayDive View Post
WhWhat are the biggest dangers you might face, and how to avoid them.
If you have to ask about these, you should be asking for new dive buddies.
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Re: Solo diving

Scuba or freedive?

Believing your buddy has your back is a false sense of security. Always dive as though your alone. Don't take risks you wouldn't if you were alone. You're buddy may be fighting a big bug and not paying attention to you.

Really depends on you're skill and comfort level.
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"Yard-Sale Josh"
Kyle Porker
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Re: Solo diving

Been solo diving forever.
If a shark eats you, you're ****ed. But honestly your buddy probably isn't gonna be able to save you if jaws bites you in half either so it's a wash.
Stay out of caves solo diving unless you're ploessel. You get stuck, you drown.
The whole shallow water blackout thing is probably the easiest way to die when you're out there. With no buddy you're dead for sure if you b/o and don't come to
However almost every single time I have ever gotten in the water here in California me and my buddy have parted ways once we hopped off the boat or kayak. if I b/o and I'm diving with the buddy I'm still a goner because we don't dive right next to each other, but the buddy might find my body. Pretty much the buddy is a giant false sense of security here, especially when the viz is bad or kelp is thick, we all seem to be a lot more focused on finding the fish than checking on your buddy after every drop.
Don't dive deep alone, don't push for bottom time alone. If you're a 2:00 guy on the normal day and you head out solo maybe shoot for 1:30 or less dives. When a situation goes bad you are alone and your life is at stake, real nice to know at the back of your mind if it goes wrong at the end of a drop you're still way within your normal times and have another :30+ to sort things out before it starts getting really real.
Good luck
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Re: Solo diving

I agree with Josh. I started diving (Scuba) in 1993 and freediving just in the last three years. And yes you have a buddy at first but as soon as you get down that all comes to an end. Only you know your skill level so if your not that skilled yet don't go alone. From 1993 to now I can't count on one hand how many times I have gone down and come up alone. I know my skill level and I stay within it.
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Re: Solo diving

Biggest danger you'll face in PV is falling down a cliff.
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Re: Solo diving

If I had to wait on a buddy to dive every time I was free to dive, I would have only logged 60 hrs of bottom time rather than 600 in the last 8 years. So yes, much of my diving has been solo.

Its nice to have a buddy to bro down with on the drive, hike and show n tell after the dive(s) but for the majority of time under water, you are on your own. When I am on my own I usually take a little extra time safely picking my way along the rocks, gearing up and choosing my entry/exits.

Have fun and be safe.
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Re: Solo diving

Where is PV?

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Re: Solo diving

I still consider myself a beginner but I probably have about 30-40 spearfishing freedives under my belt. I will echo with what most people said and let you know that unless you are sniffing each other's asses out there the whole time, having a buddy makes no real difference in most situations.

With that said, it does give some sort of relief to me when I have someone else out there, and the calmer you are out in the water, the better you will perform.

Funny you ask about this because I have a story to tell on the subject that happened today. I am in Cabo right now with my dad on a fishing trip and for the last two full days chartering a boat we did not get one single fish. Today we decided to play golf instead and I set us up for a 2pm tee time to enjoy the discount and get a dive in the morning. Found a spearfishing charter that takes you out in the morning so I said **** it and thought maybe I will learn something from the guide to justify the cost (although it was reasonable). The other two customers that came on the dive were almost brand new to the sport. As this was my first dive in about 3 years, I thought it would be perfect to have people with me. Truth be told it was very rare I was near anyone, and all 4 of us spread out to the point if something had happened, nothing could be done. Point of the story is not to tell you how bad of a company or trip it was (it was quite fun and I would recommend it), but that even for a paid trip like that with gear and guide provided, I still felt like I was alone out there for most of it. Like i mentioned earlier, knowing they were at least relatively nearby though can help with your nerves especially if you are just starting out. Didn't get a grouper or snapper like I was hoping for but decided to end the day shooting a hog of a parrotfish because I had heard they were good eats. Pic attached

If you ever need a buddy I dive Crystal Cove mainly and will be starting to get back there as soon as Sunday. The trip definitely gave me my confidence back and my breath holds aren't as bad as I thought they were going to be after three years, and I had no idea I could dive to 70'...although when you turn right back around it isn't that difficult haha
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