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Old 01-14-2020, 12:16 AM   #16
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Re: Metal wishbone FAILURE

Originally Posted by musubi View Post
Yikes. Glad you're okay. I've always been leery about using metal wishbones for this reason and this seems to reinforce that. While not the same thing, I recently fractured my finger when it got caught in one of my bands. It had slipped when I was loading. Shitty mistake on my end, but it would have been tons worse if I had a metal wishbone.
This happened also to my brother just before a spearfishing trip when testing his gun in the pool. He had to spearfish the entire trip with a funky stent and small cast on his finger. But to be honest, when I tried his gun it was very obvious that it was not a good design. The topside was very flat and he had an ET or at least a very deep track ... so that the shark fins just barely protruded out. This caused your fingers to get trapped under the wishbone and you sort of had to pull them out while they were trapped ... and by pulling them out you could slip the shark fin and damage your fingers. He also had super small wishbones to maximize rubber and had the band stretch at ridiculous high level ... that didn't help matters. We fixed that later by shallowing out the ET and making the gun an open track gun. Also sloped the top side so that his fingers would not get trapped when loading the bands. So with spectra wishbones and a properly designed gun, you should not have any risk of hurting your fingers.

With steel wishbones things are different. The dangerous part is you load one band and as you are reaching for the second or third band, the first band breaks and will slice your entire exposed arm since your hands are up front and arm is exposed. I still think it is safe to use a steel wishbone if it is the last band loaded as you have nothing that can slice your arm up since if the wishbone breaks or slips ... it just goes forward with no part of your body in the way. I have had several metal wishbones break on me, but I guess I was very lucky as it was always the band I was loading that broke ... so again no part of my arm was in front. The picture of the stitched arm actually doesn't look half as bad as seeing it in real life. It really was a serious deep cut that could have easily become a deadly accident. This accident also happened while he was wearing a 1.5mm wetsuit ... things could have been much worse if he didn't have a wetsuit on.
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Re: Metal wishbone FAILURE

One little, perhaps obvious, remark from here - some shafts also come with nasty sharkfins on them from the factory. I've had some with very sharp burs and also one where the top of the fin was just way too pointy for comfort. I suspect it would easily dig into a finger being pulled forward by a band. So, I've made a habit of rounding off and polishing my sharkfins as much as I can get away with.

Some folks really don't like the feeling of loading airguns which until the moment the piston is latched in the trigger are ready to shoot out at pretty much full power if your grip slips on the loader. But to me, metal wishbones breaking or sharp sharkfins are equally scary.
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popgun pete
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Re: Metal wishbone FAILURE

May be worth keeping a record of how many times a metal wishbone is reused and scrapping them after a certain number of changes. Checking for micro-cracks as mentioned earlier may be worth doing, although I have never looked for them as at one time I threw busted bands away and they tumbled to the bottom while I simply installed a new band on the gun. Bands used to be cheap and I always carried spares.
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Re: Metal wishbone FAILURE

If you guys are still interested in metal wishbones, I can recommend the articulated ones made by Meandros. Suuuuuuper short, and you have several sizes available so you can arrange them to avoid overlapping your bands once loaded (keeps them separated.

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