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Re: How to equalize hands free?

Originally Posted by growingupninja View Post
I don't remember ever having to 'learn' how to eq handsfree, and can do it reliably to about 180' with a mask. To go deeper I have to pinch my nose and use standard deep techniques.
This has changed for me over the course of the last year. I don't have to pinch my nose past 180' anymore, I just have to make sure to fully equalize my mask to about 115% before things get tight, and I am doing something different with my diaphragm now when I am falling past 150' that has opened up a ton of air. I am comfy now in my glass mask, whereas before I needed a squishy plastic Sphera to dive deep with a mask.

Also, I realized that I have mostly been doing a sort of gentle cheek Frenzel + BTV at depth, and common to many natural handsfree divers, my throat lock was very sloppy--it had a tendency to loosen whenever I opened my etubes, since it was never anything I needed to think about until I started diving well below residual volume.

Another interesting side note to the handsfree thing is that my ear drums are very inflexible given how much swimming and diving I have done over my life; they've never been regularly over pressurized or ridden....

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YouTube channel: SoCal Spear-It https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCme...kaUpPMG4NX1rKg

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Re: How to equalize hands free?

I've been able to equalize hands free while using masks over the years depending on the mask. It has to fit snug and flat against my nostrils, but not too tight. I have to equalize my ears before equalizing my mask, using the increased pressure against the nostrils to push against as I clear my ears (with tongue on roof of mouth , and occasionally swallowing if I'm having trouble). I then equalize my mask by flaring my nostrils just a tad and exhaling lightly through my nose. Then I start the process over again for each new depth that I need to equalize at clearing first my ears, and then my mask. This is something that I couldn't do for my first couple years of free diving, but suddenly just clicked and has gotten easier since. That being said, there are sessions when I randomly can't do it and I have to use my hand, but those are few and far between.
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clambake 50
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Re: How to equalize hands free?

Always wonered about this, seen a few videos but cant do it
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