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California Spearfishing Talk here about spearfishing on California's Pacific Coast, and post those reports and photos!

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2020 Pacific Coast Championship RESULTS

This thread is for discussion of the RESULTS and positive commentary. If you want to talk about anything else, GREAT, but make your own thread. Thank you to all who came out, there was a high turnout and a high level of camraderie and positive vibes on this day, I had a great time. Below is Paul's breakdown (edited only for readability) of the tournament day and a few photos:

What a weekend!

The 2020 PCC's was an amazing event; 68 divers signed up, and even with a few not being able to make it, we still had 50+ hit the water, and about 35 weighed in a catch. We had good sea conditions, some semi clean, and a lot of lower vis water, it made it very challenging for everyone.

We had a ton of new competitors, and by far, the highest female count I have ever seen at the meet. And, they weren't just there for a photo op; the ladies dove their asses off. Some swam to the point, and found fish in the terrible vis the corner held. Others paddled their boards as much as 3+ miles, one way, to search for better water and more fish.

Teamed with Orlando Rojas, and Sebastian Brandhorst to represent the Fathomiers. It was going to be a huge challenge for myself, because I'm dealing with a shoulder injury, and the prospect of trying to get into and out of my wetsuit on the board, and paddling for miles- I was not looking forward to that.

At 2 and a half or so miles of paddling, I was done traveling; it was sending shooting pain down my arm, so well?? I guess I start right here. A couple fish, and then the realization that we were going to have to move around. I chose to work back toward the launch area, my arm wasn't having fun. Eventually found an area that turned on, and in 20 quick minutes, I took 80% of my entire catch! It was THE fastest I have ever worked a group of fish.

Realizing we were about out of time, I told Lauren Renteria we has ten minutes left, tops. She dove closer to me and the kayaks, and we both took a fish on our last dives. My fish was an unbelievable stroke of luck, a 13lb sheepshead who came in out of nowhere; I needed this fish SO BAD..... and then we had to tear out of there, and cover what took us 50 minutes in the morning...... In only 40 minutes. 😳

My shoulder was on fire, and Orlando kept time for us- "20 minutes left".... Dude, don't say that; I'm dying over here, and we are waaayyy off the point still. Bite my lip, dig harder... We round the corner, the pier is in sight. Time check......"Paul, you have more than ten minutes left. We're going to make it if we don't slow down." Just shoot already....

And we rolled in with three minutes to spare.

The weigh in was great; so many first timers got good fish!! Orlando had squeezed out a catch that was better than he expected, and I knew we were gonna be close.

Real close.

How close???

A tie. A to the hundredth of a pound, a tie.

So you then have to go to the biggest fish between the two divers. My last fish beat his fish by a couple of pounds. Had no idea how bad I would need that fish!!!!

First place, and our team was first place as well. Orlando Rojas second, Sebastian Brandhorst fifth. Lauren Renteria was fourth place; she showed amazing determination to make her catch, and paddled at a pace she had never imagined she could sustain for that long. She earned the top female spot, and her place right on the podium in style. 😘

I'm so thankful for my teammate Orlando, it's hard to describe what it felt like to say we were literally diving as one. I hope his dad Rene enjoyed the spectacle of it all looking down upon us. This was my third time winning the meet in 22 times competing, over the last 24 years. By far my hardest, most painful dive meet ever.

I'm humbled by the thought of how far it has taken me, what I've learned from the masters when I was so much younger, and how much it has meant to me to share what I have learned with all my fellow competitors, and to see their success. Call it pleasure pain.... It was the sweetest yet.

A big thanks to David Clutts from Cen Cal for raffling off two great spearguns, and to OakStone Outfitters, for donating a wild boar hunt for the top female competitor, and a group discount for the top all women's team as well. There was also a full tilt day spa treatment for the second place female competitor! (Evidently, it pays more to be a lady killer in this sport than a ladykiller!!!)

If the dive wasn't enough, the food and celebration around the campfire was to die for!!! We just had such a great evening, way too late into the night.....😅

Next year, Cen Cal is going to host, so don't miss it!!!
Points results (note the viz was very poor within 1-2 miles of the launch site, nearly as bad as 2017) as per Sebastian (current President of the Los Angeles Fathomiers) who graciously put this on with the help of Paul. I added known club affiliations:

1. Paul Romanowski 66.25 (Los Angeles Fathomiers)
2. Orlando Rojas 66.25 (Los Angeles Fathomiers)
3. Darren P. Sumida 47.5
4. Lauren Renteria 34.85 (OC Spearos)
5. Sebastian Brandhorst 29.1 (Los Angeles Fathomiers)
Largest Fish: Matt Beller 18.00lbs Lingcod (Los Angeles Fathomiers)

1st Place Team "Fathomiers" consisted of Paul, Orlando, and Sebastian, beating 2nd and 3rd place teams in points, combined!

Super proud of my fellow LA Fathomiers and a complete pleasure to dive with them and the rest of the divers who turned out for this year's PCCs. All our fish was fileted and bagged/iced/frozen for future consumption (mine mostly by my Mom/Brother).

Until next year!
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Re: 2020 Pacific Coast Championship RESULTS

Thank you for posting, great turnout, bummer about the visibility.
Are the complete results available beyond the top 5?
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John Hughes
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Re: 2020 Pacific Coast Championship RESULTS

Great write up, congrats to the winners!!

Romanowski is still killing it, congrats Paul!!
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Re: 2020 Pacific Coast Championship RESULTS

Thanks guys, who posted, Eryk?
There was vis from what I heard about a half mile north of the point to the north of the pier. But the corner there, that's some good diving and I was really hoping the swimmers would have that area to work. Claudia got a couple fish there, but the vis was in the tank pretty bad.
I was able to find good vis; 70ft down in 49 degree water. In an old 5mm suit, that was not in the cards for me...... Most vis was typical PV, 5-15, 5-20.

I will get total points from Sebastian and put them up.
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