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All About Kayak Diving Here is a place to discuss the growing travel mode of kayak diving.

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New to kayaking: Bic borneo

Hello all,

I recently bought a used kayak with a dual purpose in mind. Main use would be recreational with my gf and 5y old daugther. SEcondary use would be, as you can imagine, spearfishing.

It is a BIC BORNEO 2 adults + 1 kid. No storage facilities of any kind besides a cut out in the back with a few bungee cord attachments.

I already bought rope, chain and fold away anchor. I don't plan on throwing it anywhere I cannot reach the bottom, so I rigged it straight to the top attachment point (no break-away I mean).

Flags (red and blue ones) are already bought and I am trying to find some kind of fold-away mast. I was thinking discarded tent pole (with the bungee and all. I would sew a piece of webbing on the edges along the vertical edge of a seath to slip it in.

For fish and miscelaneous crap I was thinking of strapping a plastic craddle to one of the empty seaths (middle one probably) and cover it with some cloth to avoid direct sunlight (and dumping the contents if I tip it!).

I mostly plan on using it right in front of my house (30m walking and I am at the beach, great spot for fishing). It has two (removable) wheels integrated in the kayak itself that should suffice for this short run.

Since I don't have any storage compartments and I truly fear capsizing and loosing stuff, my plan is to hope in the kayak with EVERYTHING on (including weight belt, sans the fins, at least for the beach launch), then put them on and paddle wherever I want to go. What do you think of this approach?

I have read all the threads in this subforum (which are not that many) and most of them are asking about suggestions for kayaks.

Any other tips you would like to share?

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Old 07-23-2019, 03:45 AM   #2
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Re: New to kayaking: Bic borneo

Well, i have gotten it wet exactly two times so far.

First one with my gf and daugther. Strong wind and against a river like current. Not fun.

Second one a couple days ago. Open water, no waves and almost no wind. I made three tours, one with two kids (20kg each), another one only with my gf and the last one alone.

They all went very well. I must say it is a joy to paddle alone. I wasn't carrying any gear so I thought it was the perfect time to practice capsizing the kayak and putting it back up. Quite easy to say the truth. Also getting up in the kayak from the water (3mm long sleeve, hoodless surf neoprene and no fins) was quite easy (I watched some videos before on Youtube!). I am pretty sure that even loaded with a weight belt, having the fins on is going to help a lot, so no problems there.

My only concern so far is how difficult it would be tu put it back up again once it is loaded with a plastic crate box strapped in place of one of the sheaths, couple guns and anchor. I will have to try that.


PD; Will post a couple pictures soon.

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Re: New to kayaking: Bic borneo

hey Mikel,
I see that you posted this last summer but I'll chime in anyways just in case you're still trying to find a good solution for your kayak with no interior storage. Try using something like a mesh bag or pack that you can secure onto your boat. The plastic crate is heavy and clunky and still doesn't have a lid if you flip or even get swept by a wave at some point. It's amazing to me how much can be pulled of the boat even with a small wave. The bag will collapse and give you more options/room and you could throw a waterproof container for a phone etc., a box for your mask and defog and put your fins inside a secure place. Plus, you'll have a game bag for the way back (stuff the fish in a trash bag if you want) along with all your gear. I would not put my weight belt or anchor in there though. For your speargun, you can use the ankle strap parts from surfboard leashes and lash them on through the brass swivel half that goes into the leg rope (removed with allen key) to the most rearward point of the kayak sidewall that you are able for a velcro speargun mount. Get them as far back as possible so the gun isn't in the way when you're paddling. Make sure everything you want to keep is lashed down and secure.
Just my thoughts.
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