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All About Guns What's your weapon of choice, and why? Discuss the beloved speargun here!

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Old 08-07-2017, 03:18 AM   #16
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Re: double roller or inverted roller?

Yes of course, my opinion is based on testing in the pool ... I am not impressed anymore with what someone claims or what fish he shot ... that has very little value when trying to really improve the performance of a speargun or speargun system. You need to remove all the fog and test things on a fair and even and repeatable platform. I have seen videos of a Pathos 110 in its default configuration (6.75mm shaft) stoning a 300lb BFT with a body shot ... that doesn't mean that this is the best choice for BFT. Catching fish and testing performance are completely different things. Abilities of a spearo and more importantly the location a spearo is at ... have much more to do with catching fish than what speargun he uses. I think the huge jump in performance in spearguns in the last few years is directly related to pool testing.

So, when I say that the Alemmani double roller 130 does not perform as good as an inverted roller 130 or a classic 130 ... I mean it does not shoot more accurate or shoot flatter or shoot with higher penetration at target. I do think that the Alemmani's are the best made production roller guns and use the best parts and very high workmanship. But I thought the question was about comparing cross platform performance. The Alemmani double roller 130 is also NOT a light gun ... not sure where you got that??? As for shooting a heavy 8.5mm and 9mm and even 10mm shafts ... well maybe that is not a good setup. It is nice to say you are shooting a heavy shaft, but I had much better performance with the Alemmani when I switched to lighter shafts. With heavy shafts it just couldn't generate good velocities. That doesn't mean it can't shoot fish and I am sure a lot of people have great success with it. I have tons of friends shooting Alemmani guns that love them and travel all over the world with them.

@ Jon ... if you are not getting better performance with your 130 guns than a roller or an invert roller. I don't want to sound rude or anything ... but maybe you have yet to test a well setup 130 classic gun.
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Re: double roller or inverted roller?

DG Rivalry also breeds innovation.

Majd, I didn't say there was no benefit to pool testing. I said there was a benefit to Field Testing. The end goal of Spearfishing is Catching Fish.. What you are measuring in a pool is one element of Speargun performance in static conditions. It doesn't for example measure maneuverability, etc. etc. But don't think for a minute that Itio Alemanni doesn't spend more time in the pool than you do. You Abellan guys get soooooo bent out of shape if anyone doesn't agree with you that your high handled rear handle classic gun is the best thing on earth.. yawn... it is tiresome.. Some people like different guns and use them very effectively. Here a guy is asking about two roller gun platforms. He asks specifically about the Alemanni Double Roller Inverted.. The one I saw was unbelieveable. The craftsmanship and the Design were fantastic. My buddy has put in over 500 days diving with that set up and is in a position to see and try every high end speargun on the market next to it. He loves it like a beautiful woman and he doesn't miss. The gun I am speaking about I believe is the Stilo Express 115. Not a 130.
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Re: double roller or inverted roller?

Anyways, Bobby, im headed to madagascar for 10 days of spearing doggies the second half of september. According to Eric Allard from Extreme Blue Water spearfishing and the countless charters that he runs, a Rob Allen 130 roller (not double roller or any fancy shmancy inverted roller setup) is good enough to land doggies. According to him and chris coates it comes down to good shot placement (ie being familiar with your gun) and properly setting up your terminal tackle. Chris had a video about which floatlines to use and il send it you on FB.

BTW if you can, let your charter supply the extra shafts (buy what you use and the leave the rest if you dont need it) as you dont want to be travelling around with a bunch of extra weight.
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Old 08-08-2017, 09:22 AM   #19
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Re: double roller or inverted roller?

I've never shot a roller but I have seen more than a few guys bring single band rollers on my boat from 110 - 130 cm, pipe gun configuration. I've watched plenty of shots from them. No problems, they killed a few fish like the rest of us. But...

I can tell you if I'm traveling to Madagascar or anywhere else half way around the world in which I may never get that chance again, or a chance at that giant fish again... I'm taking more than a single band roller.

I respect what you're saying and the point you are trying to make but Chris Coates lives in Africa right? And does nothing but travel to spearfish all year for how ever many years now. Most people will never get to go, and if they do, they may get to go once in their life.

Landing every fish in the world, especially big ones, comes down to shot placement and properly rigged terminal tackle. But you have to get the shaft through the fish first.
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double roller or inverted roller?

Thanks all for the insight.

I went with a custom carbon 125cm inverted roller. Looking forward to testing it
" The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonders forever" --- Jacques Yves Cousteau
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Re: double roller or inverted roller?

Originally Posted by getawayFK View Post
Thanks all for the insight.

I went with a custom carbon 125cm inverted roller. Looking forward to testing it

Cool! Definitely post your experience here when you do. I'm planning on getting a ROISUB when I get back from indo around end of November and will let everyone know what MajD test results are like and post videos if waves not too big here in my pacific pool

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