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Old 01-22-2018, 10:07 PM   #16
North Star
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Re: fragile masculinity

Great article Mepps.
nec timor nec temeritas (neither fear nor foolhardiness.)
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Re: fragile masculinity

Originally Posted by North Star View Post
Great article Mepps.
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Re: fragile masculinity


Long interview. But some great points.

Jordan Peterson
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yea, I'm a prick, so what
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Re: fragile masculinity

It is funny that there is always an old guy that can speak of this subject.


Praxagora What I’ll say to him is, “Neocleidis, go and shove your crusty eyes up a dog’s bum!” 255
First Woman But what if they try to fuc# you?
Praxagora Darling! I’m very well versed in fuc#ing. I’ll fuc# them back!
First Woman Ah! Something else we haven’t thought of! The archers. What if the cops do the drag on you? One from the front and one from the back?
Praxagora I’ll just stick my elbows out, like this. They won’t be able to grab me by my waist. 259
Chorus And if they do lift you up in the air, we’ll scream at them to let you go.
First Woman Right. We’ve got all that under control… all, that is, except the fact that we mustn’t forget to raise our hands when we vote, like the men do. We women are used to raising our legs, instead!
Praxagora Hm, that’s a toughie, that one. Nevertheless, we’ve got to vote, so remember: Raise your right hand. Pull the cloak down and raise it bare. 266
All right. Now, just lift up your skirts and put on those Spartan boots… and hurry! That’s right, just as you see your husbands wearing them when they go off to Parliament or whatever. Now tie on your beards, all of you. Properly! Done? Good. Now put on your husband’s cloak and be careful how you do that also. Good! Now, let me see you leaning on those walking sticks. That’s right. Good, and, as you’re heading off start singing some song that the old men sing. Sing it like the peasants do.
Chorus Quite right. Well said!
Praxagora Let’s go then. I think there are women going to Parliament from the farms, as well, so let’s get there before they do. We’ve got to hurry because you know what it’s like with payment in Parliament: either you’re in by Dawn or you’re given bugger all! 279
Exit Praxagora and the two women.
Chorus Well, men, time for us to trot off. And remember, the word is “men.” That’s the word we’ve got to use all the time from now on. Don’t forget that because our life will be in great peril if we get caught dressed up like this and for such a secretive venture. 285
So come on, men! Let’s be off to the
The Chairman has issued the warning: Be there at the crack of Dawn,
Be there covered in dust,
Be there happy to have garlic for lunch
Be there with eyes rubbed black
Or else not a penny you’ll get
For your trouble.
Pointing at some “men” who immediately stand “erect.”
Hey, there Tom and Dick and Harry,
Look sharp and get moving!
You’ve got a role to carry,
Play it well, don’t falter
When we get our tickets
At the Parliament’s entrance,
Be sure we sit together
And together we vote as we ladies please.
Oh, no! I said “ladies” the fool.
I meant to say, “men” of course!
It’s time now, let’s go. The men from the bush are going to be there too, so we’ll need to push in. Damn them! When the pay was an obol a day they’d run off to the garland shop instead, and there they’d sit on their bums and gossip all day rather than attend to the city’s affairs.
Now that the pay is a bit more they come and they jostle and shove for a seat! Ah, bring back the days of our generous General Myronides! When he ruled no one dared ask for a handful of silver to serve our city. People would come with lunch sack, a crust of bread a drink, a pair of onions and three olives!
Now they act like common bricklayers, asking for three obols a day while doing their civic duty.
From Praxagora’s door enter Blepyrus. He is wearing a long fine, lacy, white, diaphanous ladies’ shawl over his shoulders and women’s shoes with long straps, dragging loosely around his feet.
He has just got up out of bed.
His face is twisted with pain and he has a tight, anxious grip of his bum with one hand, hoping to control his bowel.

Being called a traitor by the Republican establishment is a badge of honor. It's like a toothless meth-addled hooker shouting, "You don't know what you're missing!" as you just walk by. Move enough Mexicans into California, you don't make them Californians, you turn California into Mexico.

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Re: fragile masculinity

Originally Posted by mepps1 View Post

Long interview. But some great points.

Jordan Peterson
Tough to watch she is so incredibly stupid!

Inability to distinguish equal outcome versus equal opportunity.
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Re: fragile masculinity

Wheres my dishwasher?
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Seven out of ten women are battered.Im still eating mine plain.
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