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California Spearfishing Talk here about spearfishing on California's Pacific Coast, and post those reports and photos!

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how to set up pole spear?

Hi pole spear users,
I just acquired a pole spear the first time and need to add a band. May I ask which of the setup below is better and why? I hope someone can share the experience.

Thanks in advance.


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Bob Ballew
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Re: how to set up pole spear?

...The long pole spear is your best selection...With it, you can pin a halibut or bigger fish to the sand. Too much room for error on the handheld free shaft, plus, you will lose the shaft in the murk...Suggest stretching out the sling to where you intend to hold the polespear when shooting. Then, wrap some electricians tape in a tapered ball around the tube at that spot, so, you can grip it without cramping in your hand as you hunt reefs, ready to fire instantly. Often, you will spook halibut or reef fish and being ready to shoot instantly can mean the difference between losing your chance and landing a big fish...
...Also, if you are going to use a single barb point, wrap a rubber band around the point behind the hinged pin to hold the barb away from the point. This will move the barb outward after it goes thru the fish, holding your catch firmly. Otherwise, the meat of the fish may jam in the hinged pin area, preventing the barb from opening and the fish will slide free.
...If it is a screw on type point, put some Loc-tite sealant (Pep Boys or auto stores) on the threads to lock down the point to the shaft. Otherwise, fish like Sheepshead and halibut will often spin and unscrew the tip, freeing themselves and losing your spearpoint in the process.... There, everything I know about pole spears in 3 paragraphs....
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Re: how to set up pole spear?

Originally Posted by rnln View Post
Hi pole spear users,
I just acquired a pole spear the first time and need to add a band. May I ask which of the setup below is better and why? I hope someone can share the experience.
Congrats on the new pole spear. The flopper in your pic looks way too small, and what Bob said re: the freeshaft - use a band attached to the back of the spear.
One hint I can give you is that rather than try to deal with getting a fish back over the flopper, you can slide it completely over your spearshaft and bands, meanwhile threading it onto your stringer.
Another hint (scar to prove it) is that even a small halibut can slice you wide open in a flash with their razor sharp teeth!
What to shoot? Everybody seems to start out with a sheepie or opaleye. Calico's and halibut are what you want - that's why they're harder to get! Sneaking up on those wary calicos will give you some practice for WSB as you progress to a speargun. Don't blow your snorkel clear, lift a leg and slide down before finning and etc. Aim for the lateral line way up front on calicos, if they are moving you will have to 'lead' them. Since there are size limits, a nice trick is to make some bright marks on your polespear, typical size limits apart, for judging fish. Things look bigger underwater and you don't want to pop a short, or even risk a marginal one.
When shooting down at a halibut, remember that in kelp beds there is usually rock just under the sand. A file and replaceable tips are your friends.
Now you've got your fish, gut/bleed it out asap and get it on ice. Use a real fillet knife to process it. Eat it as fresh as possible. Too much meat? Time to salt and smoke it.
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Re: how to set up pole spear?

Thanks guys. How about the band setup? I see most people have the band tight to the end of the pole, and hold the pole and band with 1 hand. The other type is using a tube for the pole to go through. The band is tight to the tube at 2 point, like using bow and arrow. Which type is better? Inexperience like me, I tend to see it is easier with the tube type because I can aim. I wonder how can people aim with using 1 hand type... or you are not suppose to aim?
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