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Old 03-18-2016, 02:15 PM   #1
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Replacement euro bands for Imersion concept pro 110

Hi all,

Did the search thing, but couldn't find specifics on this topic.

I recently purchased an Imersion concept pro 110 with screw-on megabooster 20mm bands. After dealing with health problems that almost completely destroyed by shoulders muscles, I find the big bands are too much for me. I find I can only get them to stretch about 2/3 the distance needed to load (even in the water). I am not sure that even an assist band would help due to the difficulty.

So now I am looking to refit the gun with new bands. I am looking at purchasing 16mm, 30cm bands, and hoping that will allow me to load the gun much easier, until I can rebuild my strength (now healing well).
Also, after hearing horror stories about lost fingers from metal wishbones, I think it may be a good idea to replace the standard issue articulated wishbone with a dynema version.

However, I have a few questions that I hope a more experienced spearo than I can answer.

1. Is 16mm that much easier to pull than a 20mm? Do I need a 14mm? I still want to penetrate the fish!
2. Will any replacement euro bands fit the screw-on receiver on the muzzle and wishbone, or do they need to be manufacturer replacements (diameter and thread size)?
3. Same for a dynema wishbone replacement for euro bands, will any manu wishbone work, or is a special fit situation between manu's?
4. Does the color of the bands have any correlation with performance or longevity

I would appreciate any and all input on how to this dialed in the best way. Its killing me having this new gun, but still using my cheap-ass polespear due to temporary wussyness.

I'd love to ask these questions to the manufacturer, but they're French. Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
...See ya in the kelp.
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Old 03-21-2016, 05:37 PM   #2
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Re: Replacement euro bands for Imersion concept pro 110

Anybody got some advice for me?
...See ya in the kelp.
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Old 03-21-2016, 06:00 PM   #3
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Re: Replacement euro bands for Imersion concept pro 110

Hello Exile,

First of all, metal whishbones have bee around for centuries, especially in Europe. If you wear gloves and you are carefull when loading your speargun, nothing will happen. Additionaly, if your shaft is notched (standard in euro guns), dyneema will cut after time. You better learn how to load your gun, be carefull and wear gloves.

A 16 mm band will be easier to pull than a 20 mm band. And a 14 mm band will be even easier. But of course, there is a relation between ease of band pull with power. The harder it is to pull, the more powerfull. You can also add an additional circular band to your gun, but I recommend to keep it simple.

Any replacement screw-in bands will work. In the past I recall that Omer did not fit in other brands spearguns. Cressi's bands are very good quality. When I used them, I liked to put some teflon tape in the threads before installing them.
You can also tie your own bands if you buy the adapters. That will allow you to shorten them as you gain strenght and tecnique. Spearamerica, who is a sponsor here has them, but other stores also carry them.

These are the bands you want to buy: http://www.spearamerica.com/speargun...gun-bands.html

Natural latex color is amber, but it gets affected by UV rays. I like black over amber bands. in my opinion they have the best of both worlds.

Hope this helps.

A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work

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Old 03-21-2016, 06:25 PM   #4
MAKO Spearguns
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Re: Replacement euro bands for Imersion concept pro 110

We offer the euro adapters which you can purchase once and then this allows you to make your own bands.


I looked on line for your gun and it looks like the muzzle will accept a screw in band and another conventional one. If you are recovering from an injury, it makes a lot of sense to use the easiest bands which will get the job done.

You may want to consider two bands, one for the built in screw adapters and also a conventional band. 14 mm latex bands might be just what you are looking for.



We recommend dynema wishbones, but if you shaft has "square" - non tapered notches, then you would need to round out the notches with a round file, use a meal wishbone or possibly buy a new euro shaft.

We stock additional articulating metal wishbones as well.

I know I have given you a lot of options, we also can custom make bands to your desired configuration, just give us a call during normal business hours and we can get your gun tuned for your use.

Two thinner bands will be MUCH easier to load and will still be quite powerful.





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Old 03-22-2016, 03:15 PM   #5
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Thumbs up Re: Replacement euro bands for Imersion concept pro 110

Marco and Dano,


Thanks so much for the info, I really appreciate the input.

My shaft has the tapered notch, so it seems that dynema should be a good fit.
Marco, you may be right, but considering he strength issues I currently have, I'll risk erroring on the side of caution until I'm back to 100%.

I definitely like the idea of custom bands that I can produce on my own. Thanks for letting me know the sockets on my muzzle will accepts the screw in adapters for bulk rubber, I have been eyeing those for a while. I will be looking into a new shaft with two notches for using a conventional band in the future. I'll definitely give you a call when I'm ready to gear up.

Thanks again for the input.
...See ya in the kelp.
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