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Old 10-11-2010, 01:38 PM   #1
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Hiding from fish

After doing a little research I have found out that contrary to popular belief fish have eyes that are very similar to our own. They have both rods and cones and see the entire 7 color spectrum just as humans do as well as some being able to see uv light. Now I don't want to start a huge debate over the effectiveness of camo wetsuits but it would seem to me that at least from a visual standpoint they would have some effect. The argument to this is that fish have lateral lines and can feel the vibrations of other objects in their environment and this can sense the presence of a diver. In my experience when holding onto the bottom and staying as still as possible fish are not only less timid but often surprisingly curious. In some cases coming within inches of my face to investigate. In other cases, especially with grouper, I have seen fish dart under an overhang and then stare out at me and watch my every move. The conclusion that I have come to is that although fish may be able to sense objects movements and vibrations at a distance they not only trust but are more dependent on their eyesight. humans have very similar reaction and famously "must see to believe". Also if fish were able to sense things using there lateral lines that well than they wouldn't have developed their own forms of camouflage. Accordingly I feel like there must be some justification for the use of camouflage by spearos. Also, based on personal experience it would seem that fish are more intimidated by our size and position in the water column than by our presence. Hence if you act like a predator they react like your a predator. In this thread Im hoping to discuss hunting/stalking techniques as well as ways to reduce/hide your "signature" from fish.

sources: http://www.marinebiology.org/fish.htm
Personal experience

Thanks hope this turns up some interesting discussion.

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Mathew Goncalves
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Re: Hiding from fish

I believe snappers can see you but lose interest very fast. If you are still for more than 30seconds on the bottom snapper will swim up to your mask
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Old 10-11-2010, 02:46 PM   #3
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Re: Hiding from fish

Ive had snapper and grouper both come right up to me as well as various species of grunts. Hogs are notorious for turning sideways to get a better look at you (usually their last).
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Re: Hiding from fish

interesting stuff, thanks for doing all work.

camo vs solid color, i feel water clarity, conditions, and location are more important in determining the need and use.

i would really be interested in knowing how reflection, and "shimmer" would be seen

also i would think that hunting tactics would play a huge role
-are you Dive bombing?
-swim and stalk?
-fishing in holes?

Diving on both coasts, north and south i strongly believe Florida is the place for camo, given our clear water, and bottom colors.

Taking that a bit further, i also have had conversations with world class divers/spearos with awesome stories about marine interactions with semi-reflective grey suits.

But at the end of the day, my "role model" as a diver Pedro Carbonell uses only black (or black/navy) suits... but I think he could shoot fish in a neon pink suit given his 3:00min plus dives in 140ft of water.

This is a job for myth busters man
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Old 10-11-2010, 09:36 PM   #5
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Re: Hiding from fish

The semi reflective grey almost seems like a shark to me but it would be interesting to try. I would say that an all black or dark suit would be great in low vis/ low light or even at deeper depths. The fish there are also much less used to human interaction.

As for my personal dive tactics it really depends on the fish. For hogs the Dive bomb techniques works pretty well for snapper I prefer to hold on the bottom and wait for them to come close. For grouper it really depends on the location and how the fish are acting. if they are out in the open then i use a similar technique to snapper. if they are rocked up or under cover i kinda swim parallel then turn and pull the trigger when i get a good shot. Im not familiar with the aspetto technique though, could you elaborate?

I spear South Florida and Im definitely a believer in camo
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Old 10-12-2010, 03:06 PM   #6
Hungry Fish
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Re: Hiding from fish

aspetto is the italian name for remaining still on the bottom.

i beleive that agguatto is the name for the stalking technique where you find an area you think the fish is moving to and ambush it there.

as for SoFla, I like camo...it is especially helpful to break up your size and profile....i would suggest, as wishihadgills did, that the size we present is often what fish notice the most, the more you ca ndo to reduce this profile the less the ywill react. this is not to suggest that they wont still be wary or flee, but it will be less than the alternative
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behavior, camouflage, fish, hunting, stalking

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