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Diving Safety, Accidents and Incidents Post here to discuss accidents, incidents, ideas, gear, or anything else to improve spearfishing safety. Memorials and condolences threads should be placed in that separate forum.

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Re: Educational Discussion of Michael Reed Accident/Incident

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Re: Educational Discussion of Michael Reed Accident/Incident

Okay, now let's get this thread back on track.

Here is a useful safety item I just posted in this new section at this link:

Pony Bottle Gas Use Calculator

Readers can download the spreadsheet and use the calculator to think about their gas needs at various depths in a bail-out scenario.

We don't have a enough information about the Michael Reed accident to know if it was an out of air cause of death, however if bounce diving any location, perhaps having an adequate bail-out pony bottle would reduce some risk in case things go wrong.
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Re: Educational Discussion of Michael Reed Accident/Incident

It would still be interesting to know if he was out of air. Rock said his bc was dropped back in the ocean but I never saw posted that it sank. With an empty tank it would have been buoyant unless he was wearing a weight integrated bc severely over weighted with no air in bc. Looks like it would have been recovered had it stayed on the surface. Makes you wonder if the tank didn't have a significant amount of air in it to make it negative. Something had air in it to make him surface be it the tank or his lungs Not sure about y'all but i always want to know what type of weights and releases my buddy has. This much should be known to someone as well as if the bc floated or sank. Just trying to understand the physics of this without having experienced such a tragedy. Seems like a full tank with lungs full of water would equal sinking and empty tank with lungs full of air/rapid ascent would equal floating but why would bc sink with empty tank attached?
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Re: Educational Discussion of Michael Reed Accident/Incident

as i read thur roks post i was flat amazed i am new to free dive but have tank dived some soooooo i was wondering as i read thew the stories about rok shooting to the top grabbing another tank then going to decompress literally scared the pants off of me
as i read i could not help but thing how much i enjoy wicked tuna but that show has nothing on hell divers i am here to say that roks needs a show if he wants one i think his stuff is made for tv and that way educate divers world wide
final thought as i am a newbee for sure:
is there anyway to leave a 2full bottle regulators at desired decompression depth so when rok runs out of air he can reach that point and hang rt there and relax decompress then swim to surface????????????? help me understand
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Re: Educational Discussion of Michael Reed Accident/Incident

My condolences to the family and friends.
My first impression when I read the copy at the start of this thread, Mike had something going on possibly all the troubles leading up to the dive. Seems like when there is an accident, it involves several things any one of which would not be a big problem but together they snowball.
As in most threads like this seems at least two people have to start pissing in each others boots Shame on you. A man died and you think your opinion somehow is important.
Spear max and several others laid out good solid information on physics on the body and its reacation to pressure and breathing. One thing stuck out was He did not stick together and did not operate as the dive was laid out. This is not in any way placing blame on him but again I felt as reading the story that this was experiencing some issues and right from the time he hit the water.
My sorrow to those that knew him he has left a hole in your lives.
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Re: Educational Discussion of Michael Reed Accident/Incident

This went down over half a decade ago lol
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Old 03-02-2019, 12:44 PM   #97
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Re: Educational Discussion of Michael Reed Accident/Incident

A comment and then some questions. If there is a noob on board the experienced guys have an obligation to keep a closer eye on them for awhile.
Now despite the fact that it is 'impossible' for ROK to dive the way he does, he has been doing it for long time. I can see somewhat that kinetic reaction rates vs. equilibrium reaction rates help him get down and back before too many bad things happen.
Question 1 has to do with the fact that per some of his posts, they spend a lot of time after (between?) dives drinking beer. Is there some protection offered by alcohol in the blood from the bends or narcosis? Or possibly does the tolerance to alcohol (ability to drink more without getting drunk) extend to narcosis directly or indirectly?
Another question is physiological. I am wondering about the role of the spleen regarding available oxygen. It would seem that the spleen would be an ideal place to store oxygenated blood without it being available to damage the brain etc. Do freedivers develop large spleens?

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