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Diving Safety, Accidents and Incidents Post here to discuss accidents, incidents, ideas, gear, or anything else to improve spearfishing safety. Memorials and condolences threads should be placed in that separate forum.

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MAKO Spearguns
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Dano with MAKO on the Freedive Recovery Vest:

Hey Guys,

This is something that I want to share with all of you. But, before reading this, please pay special attention to the following paragraph:

“I do not make a penny from the sale or from advertising the Freedive Recovery Vest. And, to my understanding, Terry does not profit from the product either. That’s right! The most valuable piece of gear you can own, designed and produced to actually save your life, is NOT SOLD FOR PROFIT!”

The vest can be viewed on my site or seen directly at Terry’s site:


We have all done it. While kicking to the surface, this familiar thought goes through your mind. “Man, I stayed down a bit too long on that one.

A quick glance at your watch confirms it. It was a good dive. A really good dive. Perhaps too good.

Midway to the surface, you begin talking to yourself. You look up and see how much farther you have to go. It’s still quite a ways away. “Be calm. You got this. Just 30 more seconds. Relax.”

You start counting. “Almost there…. 24, 25, 26.” You made it. You reach the surface like you have done a million times, series a few hook breaths and then it hits you.

“Man, that was stupid!”

The fact is, you can try to fix stupid and we should always dive with a buddy.

But, things don’t always go as planned. Even when buddy diving in good vis (one up, one down), when I dive deep, my buddy cannot see me at the bottom. And, when I dive shallow, in bad vis, my buddy can’t see me either. Add some current to the equation and things can get tricky.

Let’s face it. We all have loved ones. But a Freedive Recovery Vest? Really?

• But, it’s bulky.
• It will hinder my breath up.
• Too much drag.
• It will scare fish.
• It’s a pain to travel with.
• It’s expensive.


• This thing is not bulky.
• It will not hinder your breath up.
• There is no drag.
• It won’t scare fish.
• It is a breeze to travel with.

And for what this thing does, it is the least expensive piece of gear you can own!

Guys, I am blessed to live near the ocean. I dive a lot. When I am not diving, I’m surfing. Like most of you guys, I am on Windy every day, in fact multiple times per day. How bad is that? The fact is, it could happen to me or you, any one of us at any time, on any dive.

So, for anyone who thought for a minute that the Freedive Recovery Vest was too this, or too that, nothing could be further from the truth. I promise, you won’t even know you have it on. And, it will save your life.

Thanks Guys for taking time to read this.
Dive safe,





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Re: Dano with MAKO on the Freedive Recovery Vest:

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North Star
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Re: Dano with MAKO on the Freedive Recovery Vest:

Super important piece of gear. Cheap life insurance.
nec timor nec temeritas (neither fear nor foolhardiness.)
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