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Old 04-18-2016, 03:25 PM   #1
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Question Roll control mounting on curve ideas

I want to mount a 24" section of the aluminum rail on each side of my SeaCat just forward of the console. There is slight curve and the rail gets about 1/4" seperation from the fiberglass in the middle. I bought the mounting kit but by the time you stack those pieces it sets the rail to far out (more than necessary) and gives my kids another thing to hurt themselves on. Also allows for little fingers to slip behind and get caught. However, without it the rail ends are all that contacts the wall and that can't be good over time.

I am looking for ideas on how others solved this problem. I thought about sanding down one side of mounting block to make it thinner and match the curve but that will be a big effort to get right. Any other ideas?

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Re: Roll control mounting on curve ideas

If you don't need much of a curve you might want to try the pvc track instead of the aluminum. http://www.ecpdb.com/rollcontrol.htm#PVC Track
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Re: Roll control mounting on curve ideas

If I understand correctly what your saying I had a similar issue installing the rail on my Radon as well however my gunwales are angled slightly outward but are at least flat but the tank rail would sit angled so the tanks would not be square to the deck…..If that makes sense.

What Andersons did was cut a piece of angled starboard to uses as a wedge along the whole 48”x 2” length of the rail. Worked perfect even though I was fine with it being off to begin with.

As I understand it your issue is that your gunwale is round where you wish to bolt the tank rail and not angled like mine so you need some kind of rounded wedge and I would think an easier application rather than cutting a 48” and trying to sand or mill in a perfect radius to the starboard would be to cut a 48”x2” of a thickness that you can just run that piece lengthwise across a table saw in the starting in the middle deep enough to allow the piece to make the radius of you gunwale. Might work great if you have access to a table saw and you could get starboard in many colors now to match you boat as well. Here is a photo of my setup but its hard to see the vee wedge running between the rail and the gunwale but its there for sure.

Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0297 copy resize.jpeg
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Re: Roll control mounting on curve ideas

Thanks for the responses,

Fishspearit - I don't think the tank brackets would load into a PVC rail bent to match the curve of the boat.

Divedog - I was considering something along the lines of wedges (like yours but in the horizontal direction instead of vertical) at the bolt locations on the ends. Getting the correct angles is going to be a lot of work so I am hoping there is an easier solution I'm missing.
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Old 04-20-2016, 08:44 PM   #5
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Re: Roll control mounting on curve ideas

Mount the rail with all the brackets on rail to just the ends. then space the brackets where you want them. Lastly put wedges where the brackets will alow you to put them. One in middle would be fine two better. 1/4 in mounting bolts are enough.
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Re: Roll control mounting on curve ideas

Take a piece of scrap wood. get a carpenters pencil, a compass, or stick a pen in something to give yourself a space of at least the size of your gap from the pen to the edge of what you stuck it through. Put your scrap wood against the console where you want to mount the rails. Scribe the shape of the console onto the scrap wood using the carpenters pencil or the pen w/spacer. draw a line that intersects where the curve starts and finishes or transfer the marks such that the curve starts and finishes on the side of the board. That's the shape of your spacer. Cut it out with a band saw and finish it with sand paper. Use this as a spacer when you mount the rail. I'd recommend end caps for the rail so you don't have sharp edges. They are inexpensive. Practice on cheap wood before you cut starboard. You could probably get buy with pvc board but I hate that stuff on a boat. Looks cheap. Lots of vids on YouTube demonstrating how to scribe for a perfect fit.

You can get starboard cut to size at boat outfitters (teak Isle marine) in Ocoee. I bet if you brought them your scribe marks/measurements, they would do the cuts for you for a small fee if anything on top of the price of the starboard.

If it was me, I'd cut the piece a little wider than the roll control track, and then route a small channel in the spacer that is the width of the track. This way it will stay in place without having to be screwed to anything.

I'm a central Fl guy too, let me know if you need a hand.

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Re: Roll control mounting on curve ideas

acteg - Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'm going to use your process to help me modify the mounting kits I got. I don't necessarily need to fill the space through the middle of rail if I get the ends closer to the wall and reduce it down. The plan is to mount the rails with kit and scribe the on the mounts themselves then sand them down to be tighter against the side of the boat.

Has anyone had experience with the JB Weld Marine putty product? I was also wondering (since I have to get pretty thin on one side of curve to get close to the wall) that I could form some of that stuff up at the ends of the rails (2-3") and squish it against the wall to set the shape. Then after it sets I could sand the edges to make it flush with the rail and drill for the bolts. Any thoughts?
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