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Conversation Between riley's hump and JoeSher
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  1. JoeSher
    06-05-2011 08:32 AM
    Sterling, yep, had a great time in Cayman...just saw Ren and Ash over the weekend. Sounds like you've got a fun adventure coming up soon. Good to hear from you. I will be in Mobile, AL July 7-10th.
  2. riley's hump
    05-25-2011 06:28 PM
    riley's hump
    Hi Joe
    Just took PFI refresher in Ft Lauderdale and everyone said you did great at Cayman. Tell Ren and Ashley congratsVentana June 12 for Red Sea again. Hope to hit a Wahoo this time, but if not the fresh sahsimi and diving will be worth going for.I'm still having problems with grouper grunting to clear after 70' weather too bad at PFI to get out deep so working with it on my own.
    Glad to hear you are still into it.
  3. riley's hump
    03-09-2010 05:15 PM
    riley's hump
    Our class starts June 17th. Haven't decided about towing boat to KW yet. Marqueseas is an atoll, only one in continental US about 24 miles west of KW. Galleons Atocha and Margueritta sank 7 miles west. Permit is just opened for spearing after ages of closure good there.
    Gulf Snapper season should open June 1, but July would bring better visb and after our class hopefully we will be better able to at least keep you insight, but if you want to come for opener thats fine too.
    I have nothing to do after April 1 but garden and dive. Will keep you posted on Morrisons too. Water has to drop a little in Choctowhatchee river as spring will siphon if too high.
    Will email on your personal Email after this. just read it. We still aren't on internet except on visits to town, but going to gym a lot now so more reliable. Our #251-276-0098. We are always up for diving.
  4. JoeSher
    03-03-2010 12:20 PM
    We made adjustments to our hook by adding light at the bottom so we could see for return trips back to anchor. 95' in fresh water, that's mostly a straight drop is totally attainable for veterans like you guys...Jeromy Gamble and Alvyn both got PBs that day at the springs from simply doing pull downs to warm up...that's the key...you'll see that a PFI course. I use a Canon HV 30 Vixia with an Ikelite housing...both with wide angle lenses. Where is Marqueseas? I'm going back to Brooksville FL to link up Jeromy Gamble and crew to hopefully go offshore the last weekend in March...hope to link up with you all soon..when does your course start? Joe
  5. JoeSher
    03-03-2010 12:18 PM
    I need to check my messages more regularly...I just read your emails. I went to a spring near Gulf Coast with Jeromy Gamble, local, not sure what it's called...but it was a good hike into the swamp to get there...I've got a video coming out in a couple weeks to show the springs. I'm interested in meeting you someday very soon to dive Morrison Springs...it sounds like a blast! The hole we dived in was 77' at the bottom, but we had to swim laterally to drop off, where there's a chokepoint and it's blackness...spooky, and that was 99' at dropoff...on my first drop to 99', I turned around to head back toward the hook at 77' and it was pure blackness...hairy!!..I felt my way back and knew which was was 180 degrees from where I was and then saw the light at the surface......
  6. riley's hump
    01-21-2010 06:17 PM
    riley's hump
    What springs did you dive?
    One of the best dives I had last year was at Morrison springs Between Mobile and Panama City. There was a 20 ft 0 visb layer then clear as glass. Really wild lighting. My personal freedive goal is to dive the cavern Bottom which is 95'. There is only one 10' restriction about 8' wide and everything is straight up and down. Only flow problems is at restriction. One of the prettiest in Florida when basin is clear. I grew up diving all the Fla springs back in the early 60's on an old double hose Aquamaster with hospital valve and line wrapped on 2X4 block and motorcyle headlight. Before Sheck Exley's day. I've got to get a video camera and housing. What do you have? I signed up for PFD class also so we are getting excited. May take my boat down and do some diving after ward out towards Marqueseas. Will stay in touch.
  7. JoeSher
    01-20-2010 06:27 PM
    Sterling...I just got back from FL diving with Gamble and his crew in some blue holes in the swamps of FL....quite an adventure! I also saw your article in the magazine about you and Krista...congrats!! Great article and nice fish you guys got! That's cool Krista's going to the PFI course too...she'll love it. Would love to plan a trip this season to freedive/spearfish with you guys. Talk to you soon, Joe
  8. riley's hump
    01-18-2010 04:49 PM
    riley's hump
    Joe, We're starting to ansy for the snapper season. Supposed to try about first week of march for AJ, pompano, and giant winter sheepshead. Have had lots of rain and water is cold so I guess it will be a challenge. Krista is heading to Performance freediving course in KW june 17. Hope you can get down with us this year. After May 1 thats our main focus. Unfortunately it sounds like Charlie is going to give it up due to sinus problems and Brenda's fear of SWB. Steve that lives on their place usually goes out as deck hand for us and I know Chalie would love to see you if you get down whether he gets out or not. I guess snapper is open June 1. We are very anxious to get down off the mouth of Mississippi for pelagics this year. I check email about twice week these days. Hope you had a good winter
  9. JoeSher
    09-01-2009 09:53 PM
    Got your message...actually been off spearboard for a while but just posted again today. Got your phone number and I will give you a buzz. I'd like to find some time to come freedive with you guys. You are always welcome to visit NC too...the ocean here is cleaning up...went offshore last night around 5pm, about 20 miles offshore and found clear, blue water, and lots of fish...about time! I look forward to diving with you guys soon! Joe
  10. riley's hump
    09-01-2009 02:04 PM
    riley's hump
    I'm getting closer to making contact as this site says you were here at 1:21 and it's 1:45. My yahoo has a bug and I think the fish gods are afraid of a meeting of us, not realizing we only want a sacrifice not a boat load. Sent Email from Rsholbrook@aol.com. As Krista probaly told you snapper is closed but you are welcome anyway just have to settle for more hunting and less shooting, certainly won"t go hungry. Surface 85f,, visb best of year haven't been out in weeks but shuld be 35 to 50 except murk on bottom out deeper 100+ Mayber visb alway to bottom in 45 to 60. Call me 251-276-0098. Just keep trying and I'll eventually be in the house.

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