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Bob Ballew 03-28-2022 01:01 AM

Bluefin Tuna are in U.S. Waters: 3/27/22
...Sport charter boats have docked with several good catches of fish up to 150 pounds...Separating rumors from facts will take a few days, as the guys are pretty tight lipped about it at present. Several say the fish have been on the 178 all year, others say the 9 is producing some schools and others say it requires a 70 mile run out west...One captain confirmed to me the fish have crossed the border..Let the debates begin!
...Just finished installing a 2nd vhf radio and antenna for a safety margin, as I plan to make more runs out toward Cortez Bank this season, as well as some outer banks I have always been curious about but, few boats seem to work those areas due to the distance... Also re-wired two electric downriggers and put together an electric reel capable of hauling up from 1500', as a swordfish has been on my bucket list for 40 years.. With 2 outriggers, the Parker is now battleship fully rigged for the season, along with 3 bilge pumps at ready...
...Tried several times over the years to spear a swordie in the water. Probably lucky I was unable to get close enough because they always sounded before I could get close in for a dead-on shot... They are probably the meanest fish in the ocean to tangle with... At my age, it is time to change tactics...(new post on Bloodydecks: Nonsense Section: video of a swordfish attacking a commercial diver at a 721' depth...
...West Marine has a 20% off sale until April 4th. I purchased a Shakespeare Mariner 8900 antenna for $50 off...(rates 4.5 stars by 23 buyers). Using a quik-connect PL-259 center pin connector (no soldering needed), the installation was fast and easy...I cut 10' off the antenna cable to allow a clean run across the top of the cabin to the radio install above the driver window...Now, with two radios, I look like a "real" boat captain and can closely monitor ch. 16 far better than the side install of the first radio, where it was harder to hear what was broadcast...All of us should be monitoring ch. 16...You could save a life..
...Beefing up the long guns with another sling, making 4 slings on each gun for more range. If conditions look good, I will dive...If not, the fishing gear will let me come home with some fish after paying $6 or up for fuel..Fuel in Avalon will probably cost close to $10 a gallon by summer....An early season bodes well for the fall run...WSB? They are there..As for halbut, May is the peak time for inshore spawning...
...There are now 6 nesting pairs of eagles on Catalina island, as well as some youngsters. One pair just hatched two eggs....The inland environmental wildlife tour is well worth the money..

Pfish 03-29-2022 01:05 PM

Re: Bluefin Tuna are in U.S. Waters: 3/27/22
Thanks for the update Bob. I dunno if you want to be in the water when you put a shaft through a swordfish. Might be a once in a lifetime experience if you get my drift.

sdDive 06-23-2022 12:53 AM

Re: Bluefin Tuna are in U.S. Waters: 3/27/22
Where are they showing up now Bob? Guardian and fusaaki charge over 800 pp… way out of budget for me, rather get a group of four, rent a boat and try my luck

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carrasco 06-23-2022 01:00 AM

Re: Bluefin Tuna are in U.S. Waters: 3/27/22
They are in Mexican waters for sure. $800 per person is a rip off when you can grab a group of 4 friends, drive down to Ensenda and catch the monsters for $800 all-in.

sdDive 06-23-2022 06:42 PM

Re: Bluefin Tuna are in U.S. Waters: 3/27/22
Let’s go Mario

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