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Dbrown 03-31-2021 08:45 PM

Nice Hogfish
I did a lot of diving in 2020. Over 140 dives. More diving that I have ever done in a year. Shot a lot of fish too. Two black grouper. Lots of big gags, some nice American Reds, some big red grouper, and of course mangos and hogs. But looking back, I cannot recall any big Hogs, not since 2019 in December. I'm not deep diving that often, but more often than many I'm sure. So when I saw this big guy from a ways off, I was glad to have my CF fins and go after him. Big Hogs are harder to come by, so elation NOT edited out.

CuzzA 03-31-2021 08:52 PM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Love it, man. And that's a nice hog. :)

Dbrown 03-31-2021 09:00 PM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Thanks Cuzza!

Spear One 04-01-2021 06:50 AM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Great shot on that big Hog DB. Very exciting when you shoot from that distance and stone em! Congrats!

Dbrown 04-01-2021 09:05 AM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Thank you KB!

dkay 04-02-2021 04:36 AM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Nice hog there, Dave!

Tyson Brown 04-02-2021 05:53 AM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Sweet, plus a two-fer on the mangroves :thumps:

grock 04-02-2021 06:22 AM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Very nice that is quality for sure, hope to get out diving with you this season sat out most of last due to various reasons.

Question was that dive this March 21st or a previous year? Just asking because at 5:17 water temp shows 77 degrees. Did not think the water has warmed up that much yet.

Either way awesome

Dbrown 04-02-2021 07:41 PM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Thanks Tyson and DKay!
Sorry that you weren't out much Grock. Last year was definitely the first of its kind for any us. And quite a bit different for those of us that are medical like you and me. That dive was from March 28, 2021. Temp that day on dive log was 67-69 degrees. Good eye there on the computer. Not sure why it said 77. I'd been down for a little bit, so not sure how quickly it samples. Newer computer for me, so still getting used to it. Like how to silence some of the alarms!

grock 04-03-2021 07:10 AM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Still cool I usually jump in at 74 degrees. I just installed a new Cummins diesel generator on my boat and put hot water on the rigging station so with a waiting hot shower between dives I May brave it earlier.

I get the annoying alarms. I dive a Scubapro Galileo air integrated computer so I can see the display and love it. Have the alarms dialed in, all except the ascending too fast which I think you have to have. It helps slow me down.

Seafood Art 04-22-2021 05:00 PM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Nice shot and video Dbrown. Have you ever dove the towers in the sw gulf?

Dbrown 04-22-2021 08:49 PM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Thank you.
I have never dove that far South. Those towers do look cool and I have read they can hold a lot of fish.

shootin-blanks 05-29-2021 06:52 PM

Re: Nice Hogfish
nice fish.. great shot for sure.. and on camera.. no one can call BS on that one.

Gary H 05-30-2021 10:06 AM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Where did you get the "half-moon" spare shaft holders? They look like the ones TinMan made for me many years ago.

Dbrown 05-30-2021 12:14 PM

Re: Nice Hogfish
Thanks shootin-blanks.
Hi there Gary. Kevin Bruington of Spearfishing Specialties in Largo Fl distributes those spare shaft holder clips. Thought behind the modification was the semi-lunar design would prevent any line entanglement if the shooter was using their shooting line. Works well.

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