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Frank Leinhaupel

I was notified this morning that my friend and mentor, Frank Leinhaupel, has passed. For those of you who did not know Frank, or had not heard his name, I can only say "I am sorry". Frank was my friend for over sixty years and like most everyone who knew him, have had fuller lives for the experience.

For those of you who use what have come to be known all over the world as "mid-handled" guns or had the names of others attached to them as a commercial enterprise, I can only say shame on you. Frank never asked for a dime's return or even name credit for the contribution he made to our (your) sport. All he ever asked was the guns be called "Addict" guns. Humbly I might suggest this request was well within his just desserts. That he made this request for the benefit of his friends, members of the club he helped found, is just so "Leinhaupel".

In age in which superlatives are tossed around the internet like so much confetti, I am truly comfortable calling my dear friend a true Renaissance man. What else would you call someone who could recite the elements on the Periodic Table until you were certain he was making up new ones, and then suggest several gourmand recipes for preparing Bonito. No small feat if you have tried either.

In closing, let me say that my life, in and out of the water, has been so much fuller as a result of our friendship and say so on behalf of so many others:

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