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Re: The Collapse of the Gulf of Mexico Grouper Fishery

Ben, your video harvest looks like something from the late 70's or early 80's. Back then, no Go Pro, no nitrox only air, no GPS but, loran C was fairly new, paper bottom machines, no CMOR type chips and no side or front scan, I think air computers had just come out, only steel 72's and AL 80 tanks. Mainly, original Sea Hornet or JBL guns. If you came across a little rock pile or wreck you could load up. I still have my big stringer that today would be called a commercial stringer. Been diving for a long time with one half that size. Glad to see you're a little more active now on this site. If you ever have the time. Post a few Holy Spear-It trip videos to the MG. It'll show these younger guys how the MG fishery was back then. Take care-Jose
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