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Re: How do you keep your gun from floating away?

Originally Posted by Tyson Brown View Post
I've never seen anyone with a gun tether - sounds tangly. From my point of view, for scuba, you can either add weight to make the gun negatively bouyant enough that the current won't blow it away, or you can put your arm through the bands.

Arm in bands isn't bad, because then you've already got the bands handled for reloading, but I personally prefer to add handle/butt weights to make the gun negative without shafts.

Not great for freediving, but I don't think you do that much.

Then again, you did complain about your gun being too heavy... I suggest 40 push-ups every morning
And here I thought all those 12 ounce curls would help!

It's never been a problem for my other guns when an extra shaft is on them, but if I launch both shafts then the gun goes positive. My new gun is something I don't want to lose. I can understand the tangly tether, but I'm wondering if I might be able to figure something out that would work - will have to test it.
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