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Re: Spearfishing Backpack w Waist Strap

Originally Posted by jackyd View Post
Does anybody know of spearfishing backpack with a waist strap?

I'm hiking up and down a cliff that's in the vicinity of 500 vertical feet, with coldwater gear.

It's strenuous to wear wetsuits either way, so all gear goes in the pack.

It's also very difficult to bring much in the way of fish back, so ideally something that could carry substantial weight.

The problem I've run into with what I have is that loading up the shoulders with all the weight is very exhausting.
I would suggest you forget about any kind of diving bag/backpack and buy a used (cheap) quality backpaking/hiking pack... A big one (65 liters or bigger). They usually have substantial suspension systems. If it gets wet with the gear, you can rinse it and let it dry. Salt water will not harm the materials.

For the catches get a waterproof sac (roll top), that you can close so as not to get blood and guts on the backpak. I would also suggest you carry the neccesary means to clean and filet (if you do so) your catches right on the spot so you only haul up what you will be eating.

I am not a fan of external frame packs, but maybe... JUST MAYBE... for this situation it might be handy.

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