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Re: Welcome Lurkers!

Hello to all fellow spearfisherman. its taken a few days but my account has been activated YAY!!!!!!! I have to say thanks to the community, so far as a lurker I have taken in many tips and tricks and tried my best to learn the ropes before heading into the Gulf. I am from Alabama and this is my first year of spearfishing and I have to say there is nothing like it. im HOOKED. I have only been out 2 times but cannot wait for the opportunity to hit the gulf again and expand my species count which is currently at 3 lol. I bagged the snapper you see in the avatar pic, along with a limit of trigger (remarkably good eating) and a few African pompano with my standard #3 Riffe i acquired and I have to say that thing whooped my butt learning the proper technique for all 3 bands in deep water lol. I now see why most recommend not jumping straight to blue water and such a big gun but hey go big or go home right? im still in the works of getting decked out in my gear and currently changing from a jacket style BCD to back plate and wing and just reading through the threads here. anyhow enough of my ramble..... Hello to ALL see you ladies and gentlemen around the forum.
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