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Re: Bluewater World Cup Tournament 2019

Originally Posted by Red Tide View Post
This years Bluewater World Cup Invitational Spearfishing Championships was all about a change in strategy, a change in plans, and execution on the fly.
After Day One, we found ourselves swallowed up in mid pack amongst the other competitors. We decided to go unconventional and target the species that most divers overlook.
On Day two we worked our way back through the pack one fish at a time in stiff currents and not so good visibility, then found ourselves back towards the top as possible contenders to win.
Finally on Day three we pulled away from the everybody by landing some great fish including a near record 73 lb Rooster Fish caught by team mate Guy Nesbitt. This fish was massive and the biggest I have ever seen.
I am truly grateful for our teams win and my overall win for the competition.
Thank you Palapas Ventana for a hosting this World Class event and helping the local community. You guys are the true "Class Act"
Congratulations GR and Team Red Tide. Attitude of gratitude and leadership by example, as always. I hope to get down there for this tournament some day. Good on you, Tim, for keeping it going. Glad to hear it was a success. Take care, all!

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