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Re: Vax Ends Pro Freediver Florian Dagoury Career?

Thank you for that input Sacha. Please allow me to explain the numbers.

Strangely, per your article, the most severely affected group?
' The highest incidence of myocarditis (10.69 cases per 100,000 persons; 95% CI, 6.93 to 14.46) was reported in male patients between the ages of 16 and 29 years.'
That would be around .01%. That is for one jab, however, and people can experience myocarditis after 3 or 4 jabs. Thus the number rises to at least .03%.
Now according to the CDC, a staggering 95% of patients having severe covid had at least one comorbidity.
The expected value for Covid deaths at that age group is .01%. Thus you would expect healthy adults, particularly athletes at the peak of their performance, to have .01% X 5% = 0.005%, almost zero.
Yet we see almost almost 800 world class athletes getting dragged off the field, and lots of them dead.
'In fact, 500% more soccer players in the EU are dropping dead from heart attacks than just one year ago.'
Keep in mind that this is voluntary VAERS reporting, and at most 10% of cases are reported. Thus the actual number would be around 8000, and possibly 10 times that.
Ask yourself if you would prefer risking your career and even death via myocarditis vs. a 1 in 20,000 chance of dying from covid?
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