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Re: Long Beach

Hey man. I live in Long Beach and am definitely up to go out for a speardive if you are up for it sometime!

Originally Posted by D.Dager View Post
Hey guys. I live on the border of LA/Of area so getting too these places are no problem. Haven't been in the water for about two years. I used to dive religiously while I was in the Military stationed near the water but had to hold off until I got my life started again when I left. My business allows me a lot of time off. I've finally got 4 day weekends almost every weekend so I'm available to go almost whenever you'll need me. I'll also be looking to buy an inflatable very soon so if you can bare with me getting getting my lungs back, I'll keep you guys in mind when I do get it. In the mean time it would be awesome to get out with you guys as soon as the water clears back up. Pm me.

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