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Re: Kayak Reccomendations

The first thing I would suggest is to buy used, like from Craig's list for a fraction of the cost of a new yak.

As to kayaks, they're like cars or spear guns. All have a different feel and different ride. What's great to me might be terrible to you. That said, there are some yaks that are very popular for spearos and would do well on our coast.

In the Ocean Kayak brand, the now discontinued Scupper/Scupper pro is a fast, light boat that's easy to carry but has little primary stability. That's what I paddle and love. Also made by OK are the Prowlers and Tridents. Heavier, but more stable and with more storage capacity.

Wilderness Systems brand Tarpons are very popular, ride nice, and are nicely outfitted.

Malibu, Necky, and many others make good yaks. Used, most go for half or less of the cost of new, and can be found in very good shape.

Just avoid the little short stubby boats sold at Costco, etc. Gonna be really slow and not good choices for spearing rough water.

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