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Re: Kayak Reccomendations

Originally Posted by Magno View Post
I've also got the Stealth 14 and for the most part, love it. It's got tons of storage, is super stable, tracks well and is an overall great dive platform for my fat ass. On the downside, at a dry weight of 68lbs, she's a wee bit heavy. Not the heavily favored Scupper Pro, but a great diving yak.
The scuppers are indeed a favored boat, but it should be noted that they are not a very high volume boat and as such are not the best choice for large or heavy folks, or if you really want to carry a lot of weight. Still great boats, but I'd recommend paddling one first if you're planning to buy.

I came from a more traditional kayak background and was used to long skinny sit inside boats. I then started paddling my son's Prowler 13, which is a good boat, but wide, and with a lot of primary stability. It was OK, but I couldn't control it with my hips, like I was used to. When I first paddled my Scupper Pro, I had to have it. \

My wife on the other hand, hates it and finds it "too tippy".

Different kayaks behave very differently...
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